Free Printable Fire Truck Coloring Pages

Want a little more fun and variety in your fire trucks? Fire trucks are made to fit their environments so they can get to a fire fast with tires for sand or rocks, and special equipment like extra tall ladders to reach high buildings. What do the fire trucks in your neighborhood look like?

Print these and customize them even more!

page 1 page 5 page 4 page 3 page 2


Click the link below to download and print the file:

Fire Truck Coloring Pages 1-5


Send me a colored fire truck and I’ll feature it on the site!

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My Very Own Fire Truck

What would happen if every child had their very own fire truck to drive around town? Noise, chaos and FUN!

But what happens when there’s actually a FIRE?


My Very Own Fire Truck is a full color picture book with thirty-two unique vehicles, taken from real fire engines, past and present, to inspire and inform, along with a creative story to entertain young readers.

If you’ve ever wanted to rush down the street in your own fire truck, with lights and sirens blazing, you are not alone! We’ve all had that dream, and the kids in one quiet town finally get the opportunity.

Now available as an e-book on Amazon!


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